Partners Edge FAQ

Become a Partners Edge Affiliate

What Do I Need To Become an Affiliate with Partners Edge?

You need a website and phone number. You can still apply if you don't have a website though. Other forms of Internet marketing such as email subscriber lists, active social media accounts, etc may be accepted. Please explain in the signup page how you plan on marketing Partners Edge Offers.

Do I Need to Verify My Application?

Yes, after you sign up, your account is pending.

Your Affiliate Manager will contact you by phone to verify who you are and better understand how you intend to market our Offers. This is also a good time to ask any questions and how they can help you find the best Offers to promote, get started marketing and how they can help you succeed with Partners Edge. If we are unable to reach you by phone, your application will stay pending indefinitely.

Please provide only truthful, complete and accurate information that represents yourself, your affiliate marketing experience and your intended marketing methods. Anything untruthful in your application or during the phone interview can lead to your application being denied and in the future, your account being terminated.

Do You Accept International Affiliates?

Yes, we accept affiliates from most countries. Currently we do not accept affiliates from select countries due to the high occurrence of fraud from those locations. We still need to contact you by phone and in English to verify your application. Please include your phone number with country code in the sign up.

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What Are Your Payment Terms?

Default payment terms start out at monthly Net-30, meaning your will receive your first payment 30 days following the end of the month in which you earned the commissions. For example, if you earn $1,000 in commission during the month of April, you will receive your payment for these commissions at the end of May. After your first payment, you will be put on Net-15. Select affiliates, determined on a case-by-case basis, can be paid weekly or bi-weekly.

We require a minimum balance of $100 for US affiliates and $300 for International affiliates before we issue a payment. If you don't reach this level, your earnings will roll over to the subsequent pay period until you reach the minimum.

What Are Your Payment Options?

Partners Edge currently makes payment by Check, PayPal and Wire. The default method is Check sent by mail unless you state otherwise by modifying your preferred payment method in your account.

Please make sure that your mailing address (Checks), PayPal email (PayPal) and banking details (Wire) are, at all times, current in your affiliate account.

What Do I Need To Provide You To Get Paid?

We require you to send in or electronically fill out either a W9 (US affiliates) or W8 (International) tax forms. If we don't have a signed tax form for you on file, then we simply cannot remit payment until we've received it. Check your account for a link to an electronic version of the form.

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Can I Use a 3rd Party Tracking System?

Yes, most well-known third party tracking systems work with Partners Edge.

How Do I Place a 3rd Party Tracking Pixel?

You can use either image pixels, iframe pixels or postback (server to server) pixel tracking. Some offers will require that you place a secure (HTTPS) pixel or postback pixel for tracking. This condition will be explained in the Offer Tracking section and will be indicated if you attempt to place a non-secure pixel. In order to place a pixel for a specific Offer, open the Offer page, select the "tracking" tab and insert your pixel in the appropriate location.

Can I Test The Offer Myself?

Unfortunately, no. Testing the Offer tracking yourself would create a false lead which advertisers strongly discourage. If you would like your pixel tested, please provide your Affiliate Manager with a test link and they will test it to ensure everything is working as intended.

Why Don't My Stats At Partners Edge Match With My Tracking System?

There may be differences between how Partners Edge and other stats programs calculate clicks and filter IPs. Slight differences are normal and expected. Rest assured, Partners Edge uses the trusted HasOffers tracking system for all its Offers.

Why Do I See Clicks to Offers I've Never Advertised?

Some Partners Edge Offers are geo-location specific. If non-US traffic is directed towards a US-only Offer, that traffic will be re-directed to an Offer which accepts traffic from that location. This allows Partners Edge to use all traffic directed to its Offers most efficiently and creates more opportunity to profit for you.

Why Am I Not Seeing Any Leads On Offers I Know I Have Generated?

There are many reasons why this may have happened. Some of them include: the lead clicked through another affiliate's link instead of yours, the lead entered invalid or incomplete data, the lead not fully completing the signup, the lead is ineligible for service and/or the lead has cookies disabled on computer. Generally it is because the advertiser already has the lead in its database or the lead submitted false or incomplete information and they were rejected.

Do I Get Paid For Clicks Or Impressions?

No, unless otherwise specified in the Offer. Partners Edge is a CPA (Cost Per Action) network that only pays affiliates commissions qualified actions. Impressions and clicks may lead to qualified actions but do not guarantee qualified actions.

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Marketing Materials

Can I Create My Own Marketing Materials?

Yes, but please contact your Affiliate Manager beforehand and let them know your plans. There may be specific Offers that this cannot be done with or specific content or messages that must be avoided.

Can I Create My Own Email Creatives?

Yes, but please contact your Affiliate Manager beforehand and let them know your plans. Also, custom email creatives must be approved by your Affiliate Manager before they are sent out.

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Email Marketing

Does Partners Edge Require All Affiliate Mailers To Be CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Absolutely. Please check current and up to date CAN-SPAM requirements before sending out any Partners Edge mailers. It is your responsibility to follow the law and its requirements. Affiliates who do not, may face account termination.

What Is a Suppression List?

As Suppression List is a list of emails that have unsubscribed or made known that they do not wish to receive any future mailings for this particular Offer. You can find the Suppression List under the Email Instructions tab of the Offer page.

Do I Need to Use the Suppression List?

Yes, before you send out any Partners Edge offer email creatives to your list, you must download the Suppression List and delete those emails from your own list. Failure to follow this procedure would put you in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act and you may face account termination.

Do I Need To Use The Listed From and To Lines?

Yes, you must use the "From" and "To" lines listed in the offer card if listed. While you can create your own "From" and "To" lines, kindly send them to your Affiliate Manager beforehand in order to receive approval ahead of time.

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Traffic Sources

What Types of Traffic Do You Allow?

Partners Edge accepts most forms of traffic except 'incentivized' and 'pre-pop' unless otherwise stated in the Offer. Remember, you are responsible for the nature and quality of traffic you bring into the network whether it is from your own or third-party sources.

What Types of Traffic Do You NOT Allow?

Incentivized and Pre-Pop traffic is NOT allowed, unless specifically approved in the Offer or specifically approved by your Affiliate Manager. Offers may state which forms of traffic are NOT allowed. If you send traffic from a non-allowed source then this can result in non-payment for any commission that is/was generated from this aforementioned disallowed traffic source. Please check the Offer details before directing any traffic to it.

What Is Incentivized Traffic?

Incentivized traffic is when an affiliate offers their web traffic or visitors a reward to sign up for an Offer through their affiliate link.

What Is Pre-Pop Traffic?

Pre-Pop or pre-populated traffic is when you send a visitor whom you already have their name, email and possibly other information to a form on another page and that form gets automatically filled out. Thus, the visitor only needs to hit 'submit' to send in their data.

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Managing Your Account

Can I Sell or Transfer My Affiliate Account?

No, this is not allowed. Several issues arise with transferred accounts including fraud.

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Advertisers and Syndication

Are You an Advertiser and Would Like to Be Part of Partners Edge?

Contact Partners Edge at and include your contact details and a little bit about the Offer(s) you'd like Partners Edge to include in its network. We will contact you to discuss it further.

Can I Syndicate Your Offers on My Network?

Maybe, please contact us beforehand to discuss the details. We want to make sure our Offers are a good fit for your network and traffic. You are responsible for the traffic you send to Partners Edge Offers so make sure syndicating our Offers on your network is the best thing to do.

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